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Rules and Procedures

Helena Adult Soccer Association Procedures and Rules -  Fall 2018


Each player must have a 2018 (blue) validated player pass at the field to play. If a player registered to play in Spring 2018, they have a current registration for Fall 2018 and do not need to register.

Team captains will provide player passes and verify to referees that all team members have a current pass and are eligible to play.

Each player must have a valid player pass to be added to a team on-line roster.

Games will begin at 5:45 pm.  Teams that fail to field the minimum 7 players by 5:55 pm will forfeit the scheduled game. A team may not forfeit a game to allow unregistered persons to play.

Games will consist of two 40-minute halves with a 10-minute half time interval. Referees will shorten/increase game length and half time intervals due to daylight changes, as necessary, to maximize playing time and player safety.

Rules - FIFA Laws of the Game published by USSF will govern all play unless otherwise listed below.



Each team may have a maximum of 11 players on the field, a maximum of 7 players per team who may be male.

Each team member must wear a shirt the identifiable team color.  Other FIFA requirements regarding uniform clothing color and form will not be enforced. Shinguards must be worn and stockings must cover the shinguards.

Teams short of players may pick up guest players for a game.  Guest players must hold a valid player pass. Guest players may continue to play after additional team members arrive for the game, if the captain wishes.


Any slide is illegal which engages or endangers another player or referee.  Illegal slides are a cautionable offense, which may result in assessment of a foul and will result in an indirect free kick assessed against the offending team.

Slides may occur only outside the proximity of other players.

A female player must take direct free kicks and indirect free kicks in the attacking half of the field.  This rule does not include penalty kicks.


Team captains are responsible for tracking misconduct of team players and enforcing suspensions.

Any player issued a yellow card will substitute from the playing field until the next substitution opportunity.

Any player issued 3 yellow cards during this season is suspended for the next scheduled game.

Any player issued a red card is suspended for the remainder of the game during which the red card is issued and for the next scheduled game.

Any player accumulating any combination of 5 cautions or send offs or 3 red card is suspended for the remainder of the season.

Physical assault will not be tolerated.  Any player who strikes or otherwise attacks a player or official is suspended for the remainder of the season.


Players and teams may appeal sanctions to the Board of Directors of the Helena Adult Soccer Association.

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